Rony Plesl X .pepper..field

Limited edition crystal mortar .pepper..buddha

☑️ Limited 50 pcs of Czech crystal from the icon of Czech glassmaking Rony Plesl
☑️ Each piece is hand-signed with a diamond grinder with a unique number
☑️ The walnut base from UBRD symbolizes Asian elegance
☑️ Each crystal .pepper..buddha is handmade in the Květná 1794 glass factory
☑️ For Kampot pepper, spices and herbs, a unique piece of art for the kitchen
☑️ Design gem exclusively created for .pepper..field
☑️ In a huge black box with Kampot pepper, suitable as a beautiful gift
☑️ Gift a collector's piece from a world-famous glass designer
☑️ Put your preferred number in the note (1 - 50)


Rony Plesl (*1965, lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic) belongs to the leading internationally recognized artists in the field of glass sculpture . His works of art are represented in public and private collections in the Czech Republic and around the world. The connection with .pepper..field took place already a year ago, and their joint creation reflects the love of Rony and founder Klára for Asia and Czech glass . Rony's work has intellectual depth and is emotionally and visually very suggestive and sophisticated. His unique work is based on deep knowledge of quality glassmaking and technologies, which he uses in his original designs, and above all in his artistic creation.

A single red dot,

which has many meanings and connects our worlds. A product that we created together out of love for things that we don't need, but want. The symbolism of a single detail - the red dot - that connected the world of design, useful product and rare red Kampot pepper. Kampot pepper mortar, a work of art or a lucky charm?

Crystal, handmade .pepper..buddha from Czech glass

in an edition of 50 pieces, it is decorated with Rony's signature with his own number. The wooden base made of solid walnut wood is a perfect contrast - its design is inspired by Asia. They made it for us by hand in UBRD from Czech wood. Enjoy this unique piece!