Our awards

We consistently excel in the renowned 'Great Taste' gastronomic competition, where nearly every variety of Kampot pepper and salt has earned at least one of its prestigious three stars. Our entire range of fresh pepper (green, fermented, freeze-dried), achieved the remarkable feat of receiving the highest three-star accolade in the 'Great Taste' competition. The crowning achievement is clinching the Golden Fork award, marking us as the overall winner of 'Great Taste 2021'.

Great Taste 2023 winners

We are once again the most successful Czech company at the GREAT TASTE AWARDS! This year, we have received 23 stars for the unique taste of our products. What did the judges have to say about them?

Freeze-dried Kampot pepper with salt

"Pepper that makes your mouth water."

"An instant burst of flavor, rich and spicy, salty and hot, fragrant and aromatic. The taste is exactly what we'd like - lingering and spicy."

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Green Kampot pepper in fleur de sel

"Wow! It really is an explosion of flavors - fresh, celery, spicy sour with a hint of fruity heat and spice. The peppercorn literally crunches in the mouth, which releases the taste beautifully on the palate and entices you to eat more."

"This pepper will transform your food."

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Fermented salted Kampot pepper

"A fascinating and unique product. This pepper will be a great finishing touch."

"How can such a small peppercorn offer such an explosion of flavor, fruit and spice? It's warm, fiery, intense and completely overwhelming."

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  • 2023

    3rd place in the Partner category of the 11th annual Czech Corporate Oscars.

  • 2023

    TOP 10 sustainable company in the SME EnterPrize competition Generali Česká pojišťovna

  • 2022

    TOP 11 in the CzechCrunch competition of sustainable companies

  • 2022

    The best French gastro e-shop

  • 2021

    2nd place in the Business category in the SDG Awards of the Association for Social Responsibility